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Switching to Android - an iPhone users guide

Gone are the times where Android was barely usable and iOS was clearly better. And iOS 7 is not about to change that. If you are an iOS user and think about switching, here are my thoughts:

That’s what you will be missing most:

That are the things you will get:

What Phone should i get?

Most likely the answer is the Google Nexus 4. It has stock Android and is getting updates promptly direct from Google. All together, it’s a really nice phone and it is cheap. The downside is that there is no LTE version available, battery lifetime isn’t the best and you can get max. 16 GB storage with it - non expandable.

Other choices will emerge when the Samsung S4 and HTC One will hit the PlayStore in their “Google Experience” Editions. That means they come sans the crap vendors install on top of Android and they will get timely updates as well. The HTC One is always a good choice as it’s bootloader is officially unlockable - that allows you to install any Android ROM you want.

What Apps to start with?

I can recommend these apps:

Podcasts: BeyondPod

For AirPlay: AirAudio

Twitter: After Twitter killed Falcon Pro you are basically left with the [official app](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twitter.android.

RSS/News: Press is the best RSS Reader (gReader/Feedly sync) available on Android. I also like the Verge’s app and use Pocket for Read-it-later (Instapaper is available as well).

Files: Cloudii is the best solution for your dropbox / google drive / other cloud drive needs. Unlike the official Dropbox App it can keep real synced offline copies of your files.

Automation: Tasker, AutoVoice, AutoRemote you can really do amazing things with these apps.

Facebook Messenger Messenger’s system wide Chat Heads are just amazing. It is the best mobile messaging solution so far. There are other Apps available that replicate that epic feature for SMS and WhatsApp

And thousands more. Just head to the Play Store and browse. Android, and many apps for it, are amazing. Really a fresh breeze for every iPhone user and fun to discover.

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